Around the World in a Camper!

Luc and Joelle, a retired French couple, have chosen to live their retirement years by travelling throughout the world. But not anyway… From all the projects we took care of, perhaps this was the most interesting and the most …special.

Luc contacted me a few years ago, on the recommendation of our partners, The French Institute in Timisoara. He wanted to register in Romania an old refrigerator truck, converted into a house on wheels, which was going to drive them on their far-away journey. At that time, there were several aspects that needed to be solved: Luc had his residence registered in Craiova, so the car should have been registered at that place of residence. But Luc wanted to travel, not to stay in Craiova. So I proposed him to move his residence to Timisoara, to sign the documents that needed to be signed and then to leave carefree to Greece, where he wanted to spend winter.

We went together to the RAR (Romanian Automobile Register) for the technical inspection and vehicle approval (when I had the opportunity to visit their “home” which was equipped with everything: beds, kitchen, a living room with a TV, shower, toilet, storage spaces).  Changing Luc’s address from Craiova to Timisoara was easy. I told him what documents needed to be supplied, what taxes needed to be paid and  how long it would take to obtain the new vehicle registration certificate and registration plates.


As they were eager to leave the city, we met for a final review and…surprise, they left me 2.000 Euros to complete the project. They have known me for a few days, but they had asked for references from the French Cultural Center, and the then manager, Mr. Eric Baude, told them they were in good hands. The car registration went well, and the Romanian registration plates left to the sunny Greece via TNT…

Meanwhile I worked again for Luc for getting him a Romanian driving license. As he comes to Romania more often than he goes to France he preferred to have all his documents issued here.